Handcrafted Soap, with gourmet ingredients, created exclusively for THE SOAP SOCIETY subscribers.  Convenient clean beauty delivered to your door with no guesswork or stress involved.  What a sweet treat each month to find waiting for you to escape into a hot bath or shower and oooh and aaah a blissful ending or beginning to your busy day. Bless your heart, you'll wonder just how you ever got along without it.  


This is for a subscription to our monthly soap club box. Your first charge of $24 + $8.95 shipping, will be on the 1st of the following month. For example, if you sign up on April 15th you will be charged on May 1st. You will receive your first box in May. Your next charge will be on June 1st. Your credit card will then automatically be charged on the 1st of EVERY MONTH. Price Will NOT Change per Month!  Once subscribed, members will receive a box containing two exclusively designed and curated soap bars with a coordinating mini (not sample) size item.  Your mini may be anything from a bath accessory (because seriously, accessories are what pulls everything together, right?) to a skin care item or edible treat but always a special finish to your box.  The contents change each month focusing on the season so just think of this box as the "Farm To Table" for your bath.


 Subscribe now by clicking the button above or below to start getting your goody box delivered right to your doorstep.  You can pause, skip, cancel, or reactivate your order at any time. No contracts or commitments - because ya'll know that nobody likes that.


As a subscriber, your order will renew automatically and your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month $24 each month + 8.95 shipping. 


When your box arrives, SHARE pics on Instagram or FB and tag us @southernbeesoap.  Share your experience with us and let us know which ones are your favorites! 


Our boxes are curated with a theme each month to bring you the most fun and seasonally appropriate goods.

$24 per month + 8.95 shipping

Receive 3 items each month including:

  • First Fabulous Exclusive Soap Bar
  • Second Fabulous Exclusive Soap Bar
  • Coordinating "Mini" Item (Not Sample but small size)   
    Example:  bath accessory, skin care item, candle, sweet or edible treat or anything
    that compliments your soaps that we can surprise you with, because you're fabulous and you deserve it. 

Why we are building a membership and What's it all about?

Necessities don't have to be basic.  Treat yourself to something beautiful, botanical and so good for you and your skin that, although you really need it, you'll also really want it.  Exclusive design and scent combinations in a themed box, planned and curated just for you, arriving every month without lifting a finger.  Convenient, clean beauty delivered to your door with no guesswork or stress involved. What a sweet treat for your hardworking, pea pickin' little heart. (Yeah, we really say that down here ;)

 *Because in a world filled with scary labels, toxic ingredients, and little spare time, we care about what we and you put in our baths, showers and on our skin.  We save you the time and stress of making all the choices.

 *Because your skin is your largest organ and an effective means of entry to your body, what you use on it is vital.  We make it safe and easy for you to enjoy.

 *Because life is too short to not find joy in the small little routines and basics of life and we can help you with that.  Basics don't have to be boring and our basics are anything but boring.