Our Story

The Story Of The Southern Bee Soap House

       My name is Wendy, and I am a mother, a grandmother (yikes!), soap maker and lover of the "gourmet" moments in life.  We live and love in Louisiana so we are ALL about yummy food.  When I made the change to preparing fresh whole ingredients and making food from scratch (thank you, Ina and Giada), I began a journey that has led me to this place of passion and love for whole, fresh, yummy, goodness that is inherently "gourmet", whether it is something I put in my mouth, slather on my skin, or in which I soak my body.  Don't all great things start in the kitchen?  And so did my soap journey.

     I began to study the "old ways" and "new" ways (technology and equipment are awesome!) of making and using soap and skin care.  I studied and researched everything I could find.  I took classes, joined groups, met people, gleaned information, asked stupid questions and  realized the more I learned, the more I loved it.  I began to collect and use butters, oils (both common and exotic), herbs, teas, fruits, veggies, botanicals, extracts, milks, rice, oats, grains...you name it. I have acquired, from fabulous people who so generously shared, I have formulated, tested, tried and accumulated an amazing assortment of recipes.  The results were so luxurious and as "gourmet" as anything prepared for a meal, that we just had to share and so The Southern Bee Soap House was born (originally called The Bar Room Soapery). 

As we've grown, we've realized that all we do, reflects the luxurious, comfortably elegant, simplicity and warmth of the southern culture.  We have chosen the French Royal Bee as our mascot as it captures the wealth of the plant life that is the foundation of all our products and is an iconic symbol of Louisiana.

    Come with us and turn your bath, shower & skin care into a yummy, luscious, gourmet experience with all the warmth and feel of the deep south.  

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