Body Butter 4oz Jar

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Our handmade body butter begins with creamy shea butter whipped into a fluffy cloud, then we fold in olive oil infused with our own blend of botanicals, and more skin loving oils, rich with high levels of vitamin K and a number of powerful antioxidants and drizzled with vitamin E to finish.  This body butter goes on dense and emollient but soaks in within a few minutes and leaves no greasy residue.  Whether it's for a girly girl or he-man it's a luscious and decadent way to pamper the skin.

****PLEASE NOTE: BUTTERS WANT TO MELT IN THE HIGH HEAT OF SUMMER.  Due to the whipped nature of our butters, they are sold by volume and will collapse and/or melt in the high summer heat.  We do pack with ice packs but depending on the temperature during shipping we cannot ensure they will arrive in good condition, therefore, we recommend ordering prior to or after the summer months.  Please contact us with any questions you may have prior to ordering during those months.

*This product does not contain a preservative so please do not introduce water into this product or container to extend the shelf life.


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